What is love, but a four-letter word? It’s a question that I’ve been pondering over for the last couple of weeks. We throw the word around so easily, so carelessly, what meaning does it still have left?

“I love my friends.” – after meeting new friends for 3 days
“I love this place.” – after being here for 1/2 days
“I love you.” – after meeting someone for a few months

Love. Funny little thing isn’t it. All it is, is merely an emotion, a feeling. Yet this one feeling, causes such a stir within us and influences our actions greatly. It tugs at your heart strings, like a hand literally squeezing your heart. It gives you adrenaline rushes, yet at other times makes you feel the most depressed you’ve ever been.

Love. The word slips out of our mouth so easily, said without thought. We use it so carelessly, so artlessly, has the word lost it’s weight? To some, the word is just a word. Love is just a word. Yes, love is just a word. But words have importance. Words have weight. They have meanings, interpretations that differ from people to people. To some, love may just be an expression of utter adoration and like. But to others, love is so much more. It is a declaration, a glimpse into the depth of their emotions, how deeply & strongly they feel. It’s opening up to others and putting yourself out there to the world and being vulnerable.

So what exactly is love? Just a word? A declaration? A word with that holds different meanings for everybody? If love is just a word, then do words have meanings, do words have weight? And if the answer is no, then why do words cut so much? But if the answer is yes, then by overusing a word, does a word ever slowly lose it’s meaning?
Today during literature class, mr CK said something that made me sad for the rest of the day. Something about how literature isn’t the study of poems and everything else like that, but it’s fundamentally the study of life. Poems are merely the thoughts of a quirky person. Poems are merely sentences, a couple of words strung together to create meaning. What he said made me fall in love with lit even more and it serves as a timely reminder as to why I choose to do lit in the first place. what I wanted to study is essentially life. The abstract ideas I get from reading and analyzing poems. The different opinions I get, a whole new perspective on life, on love, on war. I think I love (again with that word) lit. I just wish I was better at it, that I had the appropriate words to express myself accurately.

I thought today was a happy day.


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