For some inexplicable reason, this picture makes me scared. It’s from the perspective of someone underwater, beneath the current. And when you look up, this is the view you’d get. Compared to this wave that towers over you and surrounds you, you’re insignificant. You’re nothing compared to the ocean. I am nothing. We are all nothing, when compared to the ocean.
This picture reminds me of how powerful Mother Nature is. Just look at the strength of that current and how the tiny sand particles and get displaced and swirled around by the wave. That’s the same kind of wave, the same kind of current and power that could swallow you whole. And cause you to drown. I always imagine myself getting lost out at sea – I’d be really really scared and my anxiety would take over. Every where I look, left right, north south, I see nothing but a vast expanse of blue. Deep, dark blue. And I would be fighting against the currents and trying to swim to some land that’s nowhere in sight. God that’s so scary. But this reason, is also why I love the ocean. A part of me, no matter how small, secretly wishes I actually would get lost at sea. As scary as it is, I know I’d definitely enjoy the adrenaline that comes from the fear. A little psychotic maybe, but I want to experience it. (I’ll stop here bc if I were to continue on, this post would get too dark. Right now, I’m in the dark place of my brain.)


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