Viva Vox V

So 6 years of my choir journey ends with Viva Vox V and I have no regrets. Best decision to join choir in sec 1 in ct bc I managed to meet so so many amazing new friends and conductors and learn a new art form. Can’t express how thankful I am. // 20140518-003653.jpg Our months & months of hard work has finally paid off, with the success of the Saints Chorale’s concert — Viva Vox V. I still vividly remember how in the months of January and February, I was crying and raging down the phone to sotong about how no one ever seemed to understand our situation and everything looked so bleak and everyone was frustrated and stressed. Then in march, things got very much worse and I came so close to hating choir. In April, the pace picked up and everything became more intense. However, things seemed to get better and I was very much happier in the last week of April. 12 May came and the sops did so so so well. They really came through and I am so proud of them. The concert was really a success and as SLs, all of us couldn’t be happier. It was proof that we succeeded and it was so so heartwarming to see our respective sections grow and improve as one. To an SL, it most definitely is (one of) the most gratifying thing(s) ever. 20140518-010931.jpg 20140518-010940.jpg Somehow during the concert, I felt like every single person in the choir knew how important the concert was to us as a choir & really gave it their 200% to make sure they didn’t screw up. And for that, I am so proud of the choir. FYEAH WE DID IT BITCHEZXCX. Am so lucky to have been a part of this chorale family and here’s to you, all my lovely friends, who added a sparkle to everything. 20140518-004711.jpg To my fellow SL, thank you for putting up with my soursop side, for putting up with the tears and understanding them all ♥️ 20140518-003936.jpg To my sopranos, my favourite section ♥️ 20140518-004256.jpg To my lovely SC, P and VP, who have given so much to the choir ♥️ 20140518-004849.jpg To my choir friends, who have made it through with me ♥️ 20140518-005223.jpg To Yap, D and Josh Teo, Jesalin, and the BFF for coming. Your support (and flowers hehe) means the world 🙂 ♥️ 20140518-010816.jpg To my lovely class 13A04, for being so supportive. Love y’all to bits ♥️ (sorry Brandon, didn’t mean to cut u off :() 20140518-005415.jpg To my favourite commonwealthians, who came with flowers. I have missed the three girls on top so much 🙂 ♥️ To the “Malaysian scholar”, my bus buddy home. Thank you for putting up with my bad moods & rants, and for sharing, and for the encouragements 🙂 ♥️ Still have quite a lot more pictures in my phone but they’re mostly camwhores and individual photos and the people in them are all already up there so yep. Thank you, to every single one of you in Saints Chorale. You’ve made my choir journey so much more enjoyable 🙂


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