When You Meet Someone Who’s Already In Love With Someone Else

Thought Catalog

You met him.

You met him when you were supposed to meet someone else. You met him and it felt like you’ve met him before. A long time ago. Maybe even longer than space and time combined. It felt like you used to breathe the same air. Move the same rhythm. Sing the same songs. If felt like you were once friends. Or best friends. Or lovers. Or soul mates.

You met him and you felt chills down your spine. You had butterflies on your stomach. Like the one you used to feel when you were still in Junior High, wearing bloomers and pleated skirts and annoying grin and ponytails.

You met him and the connection started to entangle into an intricately weaved web of feelings. Of hope. Of love. That you laughed at Fate’s another pun; her favorite inside joke. That you will realize you are still capable of…

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