(End of) June

Half a year gone, wow where did the time go????? First half of 2014’s been okay-ish. Not disastrous but it also hasn’t been all that rainbows and unicorns. Still don’t think I’ve grown that much but Idk recently, I feel like I’ve been stuck in a labyrinth and I just don’t know what to do or where to go. I feel like I’m just aimlessly wandering about and trying my best just to stay afloat. I don’t like that I’m not living my life to the fullest and all I really am doing is just existing. I’m just feeling my way about in the dark, trapped, stagnant, and restless. Idk I can’t aptly describe this my brain isn’t functioning optimally right now. All I know is I cannot cannot cannot wait for As to be over and god the post As plans are too damn enticing I just wanna abandon whatever I’m doing now carry out them plans!!!!! But no, A levels.

Anyway, here are 5 pictures from June that sum up my entire month. I wanted to upload more but that’d mean that I have to sync my phone to the laptop so I can upload all the photos in bulk and just lump them into a gallery on wp but I’m just too lazy (it’s v troublesome ok) so I shall stick to the app and thus, only 5 photos. Anyways, June was basically studying and studying and more studying. First week was extra lessons + class chalet + ky’s birthday 🙂 class chalet was just as fun as the 2a1 one in 2010 except I didn’t stay overnight for this one and there was alcohol hahaha the guys got really drunk it was quite amusing. Oh also, resistance is a very intense game. A lot of screaming and breach of trust was involved HAHAHAHAHAHA



Happy 18th soulmate!! can’t express how thankful I am that you’re the first person I met in SA and what would be the odds of us ending up in the same class! Hahaha really really very very thankful for you because you’ve been there through thick and thin and for being so understanding 🙂 (I like this photo bc candid 😉 ) X

Then second week I think I was studying idk can’t remember. Most probably 10% studying and 90% slacking and watching YouTube videos. Recently I’ve just discovered the British youtubers (i.e. Zoella/thatcherjoe/Caspar/marcus butler/pointlessblog etc) and I super love them ahahahah I look forward to their vlogs everyday no joke esp the vidcon ones lol.
Ok moving on, third week was my birthday week and I genuinely was gonna spend it studying bc I knew that best fry and the AC girls had to study for their cts so I was really okay with not celebrating. So anyway, on the 16th night, I got a really weird text from btb but I didn’t think much about it after that. Then at like 10pm the soulmate called me and told me to come out of my house and then I was like whuttt okay hahaha (Idk why I didn’t ask why lol). So I went out and then THE FREAKING GIRL WAS THERE WITH BTB OUTSIDE MY HOUSE THATS freaking far from their’s at bloody 10pm at night holding a Mickey Mouse balloon. HOLY CRAP. I was so so touched and surprised and I literally just stared at them and went “huh?? What???!?! HUH wait HUH?!?!!!!!!!!” for a minute straight LOLOL (wow well done hsuwen! what a brilliant response to your friends surprising you.) but yeah it made me feel so loved and I was honestly very very happy 🙂 am really so thankful for the two of them bc they’ve seen the worst sides of me in SA and have been subjected to my bullying yet they’ve never stopped being my friend 🙂 ♥️

So the next day on the 17th, my actual birthday, I woke up at like 9-ish cause I was gonna go out to study. And then I went downstairs and my brother was giving me this really weird look and I just ??? him but he didn’t respond. Anyway, I thought everything was normal and then suddenly the best fry appears behind me with a “WHY ARE YOU UP SO EARLY?!?!”, giving me the shock of my life like WHAT ARE U DOING HERE OMG HAHAHAHAAH and then she distracted me while Jo and YY prepared the stuffs and all. and so yep, I got surprised by them HAHAHAHAAHA although technically I spoilt their surprise cos they thought I’d wake up at like 10+ as usual and so they could surprise me and decorate my room and all! But since I woke up earlier than expected, I kinda ruined the surprise but they decorated my room anyways they got helium balloons and then attached photos to them and then just placed it all around my room and it was so pretty *ᴗ* my room is too messy to be seen by the public eye so no photos LOL. Anyways, I felt to loved and blessed :))) I honestly love these 4 girls to bits ♥️♥️

thank you so much to everyone who took the time to wish me a happy birthday, be it thru wa or text or insta (ded) or fb or twitter 🙂 really appreciate it and thank you for being my friend hahahhaah
on the 20th, I met shirt, whom I haven’t seen in forever for a study date which finally materialized after numerous failed ones because we kept forgetting about it LOL (actually she forgot and I didn’t 😛 ) we studied and then went to watch tfios and I cried like shit but then again, so did the whole theatre.

I just studied for the last week of June. Apart from that I didn’t study very hard though. Ok bye abrupt ending because i feel my bones aching so imma sleep. That’s all for June.


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