Another reason to love CT

This was what Mr Koh posted on our sec 3/4 class group yesterday. It was a very timely reminder because as usual, I am in despair and this close to jumping off a hdb and giving up on my studies. (GUESS WHO GOT A FUCKING U FOR ECONS AGAIN EVEN WITH STUDYING!!!!!!!!!! And people who didn’t study got a S!!!!!!!! I AM A FUCKING FAILURE!!!!!!!!!!!) I digressed. so anyway, little posts like this may not mean anything to anyone else but to me, it gives me another reason to love ct because some of the most caring teachers work there. Even after having graduated from ct 2 years ago, Mr Koh still remembers us and motivates us even though we’re no longer his students. In SA, most teachers just give up on you LOL. Lol nice. Guess I am a lost cause LOL. But thank you mr Koh, thank you so much, because this is what keeps me going. I love ct and it’s teachers.


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