(End of) July

End of July, and into August. time is passing literally so fast I can’t wrap my head around the fact that A levels are approaching as well.

This was after lit BT2 when we self-declared BT2 over (because we had a one day break and then math and econs paper 2 left) and went out for 18chefs and LLAO LLAO. In our defense, put yourselves in our shoes and you’ll realise that the subjects which place the heaviest weights on our shoulders are history and lit and when both are over, it feels like the rest are as well. lol don’t follow me kids. this is maybe possibly why I am not doing well.


In the month of July, I became a Narcus shipper because JUST LOOK AT THEM BOTH HOW CUTE CAN A COUPLE GET?!?!?!! LOOK AT THEM AHFKSISHSKDKS ALL THE FEELS

On the 9th, my dad’s birthday, I met Jesalin for dinner at JEM just for fun and we had sushi. (I’ve recently been having a sushi fetish.) So thankful for her :)& happy birthday dad, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for the past 18 years, i love you xx




On the 17th, I met bimbo Ng at Creamier to celebrate her birthday with her and to catch up! Good food, amazing company. Took about a few thousand selfies at the playground HAHAHAHAHA. She’s another one that I’m very thankful for. I LUGGED THE BALLOON HOME FROM HOLLAND V THE DAY BEFORE AND SQUEEZED ONTO THE BUS WITH IT AND CARRIED IT AROUND SCH THE NEXT DAY and had people mistake it to be mine and they wished me happy birthday. LOL
I ended school at 2 that day and chionged down to tpy to meet her, ate and then chionged back to school for a lit lecture at 5pm. The things I do for her…….. Ok no scratch that. How about the things I do for lit??? Hahahahaha kidding.

On Saturday we had a partial class outing to ko’s house for steamboat lunch. I travelled to the east holy mama!!!!!! it’s literally the east of the east omg


swag class photos. I think we were one of the rare classes who didn’t have any theme/props for photo taking but see, this is swag. We don’t need no props bitches.


Presenting the girls of 13A04 (minus Ning bc she wasn’t in school 😦 )

Sports day on Friday, where we finished 6th! I obviously played a very integral role in helping the class achieve that. Seriously, I sat on the grass and watched them play and cheered!!! Moral support is extremely important.


Went to leenz’s house last Monday for my first raya celeb ever and I had fun!!! ^^ went to meet the carousell seller after.

NJ’s choir concert last Tuesday with lat and yay finally saw Kat again!! ^^ it was a good night too.

So yep, sums up my July! There’ll be lesser photos the next couple of months because a LVLS but, well, ms k says “short term pain, long term gain”. Oh also, I am on a twitter and Instagram fast until after A levels. I will probably go back during national day just to see photos and stuff and then after that it’ll be goodbye for real till As are over. This fast was inspired by shirt and I’ve been on it for maybe 1 and a half weeks already. It’s actually not that bad and I quite like it. It made me realise how much time I was actually spending on social media, Instagram especially and wow, now that I’m on the ban, although I do feel quite out of touch with the world sometimes, it’s nice to just mind my own business and not have this instinctive need to check my feed every couple of minutes. Maybe social media IS a bane. But yeah, I like it this way, I feel like I’m making better use of my time?? Hahaha AWW, look who’s growing up. LOL I kid. Bye.


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