(End of) August

My August in words: study study study study. Basically, my typical weekday goes like this: school > study in school till 10pm > home > shower then sleep.

My August in pictures:

1. Last school National Day celebration



IMG_6946.JPG Mel cropped herself in bc idk where that girl was when we took this photo -_-

Really really love this class to bits, HAHAHAHA so so super gl and rebel ♥️

2. Random night study sesh with the usuals


Aaaand yup, that’s my august lulz. The rest of the photos in my camera album for August are just pictures of history notes and stuff lulz. Guess this will more or less be the way things are from now till end of November. 61 days to D-day WAOW the moment it hits 50, shit gets real.
Am in the midst of prelims now, with a break for the sep hols and I’ve pretty much just fucked up every single paper I’ve taken so far — history, GP, math p1 and most likely econs p1 as well. I’ve been studying but I guess I’m either 1. Doing it the wrong way or 2. It’s not enough. I think it’s both but believe me, I am trying. I really am. But I guess there’s nothing I can do except to try even harder and fight even harder 61 days; it’s all or nothing. I already know what I want. I just need to work towards it. God grant me the sustenance and faith to pull through the next three months. X


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