(End of) September

Ushered September in with Econs P1 prelims followed sea and then math p1. I think I’ve become so desensitised to exams that I’m just treating it as another “going through the motions” kind of thing. Which is bad bc prelims is like the closest internal thing you have to As but god I am to tired of all the exams.

Took yolo photos after math paper when we went to Joan bowan to eatIMG_7207.JPG
And I met bimbz ng at jrl to study after that. In the same week, we also celebrated our last teacher’s day celebration ever (in uniform at least) and I regretted to the point of tears not going back to ct. On Friday that week, I met bimbz Ng again (lol) at 12pm at hv with the original plan to try sunday folks. But then we found out about their revised opening hours and it turns out they only open at 4pm on weekdays (free publicity and advertisement holla) so too bad for us. In the end we settled on waffles from 93 degrees and it wasn’t too bad just that they took a pretty long time to prepare them. IMG_7267.JPG Waffles from T-time @ 93 degrees (T-test at 93% level of significance LOL #mathjokes)

Camped there to study afterwards while xy went for her tuition because we planned to go sunday folks after that when we opens at 4. But I guess we have no affinity with sunday folks because when we reached there at 4.30 it was actually full house and we had to wait freaking “one hour and five minutes” for their freaking waffles like dude wtf what kind of waffles are you making or is your machine that lousy? So anyway, we didn’t eat it in the end bc I couldn’t wait for an hour and five minutes bc I had history tuition at night. IMG_7270.JPG
ok anyway, the next week was September hols and on Monday (MX’s birthday) we went back to school for lit lecture and then after that we headed to marina square to try the original llao llao and get mal’s and sy’s birthday present and hobo-ed underneath the escalator. It was fun hahahaha and we got cheap deals at Lovisa and I love suntec city. At night, I went to Tampopo at Liang Court for mx’s birthday dinner and we 提灯笼 along Singapore river until 11.30pm. Nights like those stay gold forever, really. (Also, Clarke Quay at night is gorgeous and I really like sgp’s night life. Hopefully I’ll get to see and explore more after As.)IMG_7307.JPGIMG_7302.JPG (OMG look at the split ends of my hair omg I can’t.)
Reached home at around midnight and I couldn’t wait to crash cause I had to be up early to crash mal’s house (at the other end of the country) for his birthday surprise the next day!!!!
But LOL guess who overslept and woke up at 7.20 when I was supposed to be up at 7??? So I sat in my chair contemplating and whatsapping ky and mars for 40min if I should still go bc we were supposed to gather at 8am. At 8am, I rushed out of my house and CABBED down to his place and IT COST ME $23 FAK MY LIFE. (It was a chaotic morning I am kinda lazy to type everything out but pls note that I got ready in <11 minutes. IMG_7308.JPG
Mal got floured and creamed (lol) at his void deck and after that I made an impromptu decision to watch if I stay with ko and I think the movie didn’t live up to it’s hype at all. I mean the whole thing was kind of dumb and draggy like they made their relationship seem SO like as if it overruled anything else in their lives like what the -__- but it had its sweet moments too though. Reached home crashed for 2 hours on the floor and went for history tuition.

The rest of the days of my holiday was uneventful and unproductive (fuck). Life continued on mundanely and then prelims resumed. After our last prelim paper on Wednesday, a bunch of us headed to United square again to eat llao llao and sushi express.

On Thursday that week, Esther Ko and I made an impromptu decision to have dinner at Sunday Folks (LOL). Finally!!!!!
IMG_7380.JPG After which we went to get churros (this is so so SO yummy OMG but the fats tho)
IMG_7390.JPG Popped by D’good caf to take the signature window photo lol (we didn’t even eat anything from there)

*Oh my god the paragraphing and spacing of this post is so bad gah*


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