Home is…

Home is a lot of things really. For / to me, a home is:
• a place with symbolic meaning (& not merely a place where you live) – ct (x2), surfers
• the people you love (a community) – my family, my friends etc etc
• a feeling – of acceptance, of love, of comfort, of solace, of belonging, of peace

Having said that, I’ve recently come to a… revelation of sorts? And that is the fact that no matter what you do, wherever you are, whoever you are, there will always, always be people who support you and are on the same team as you. Even if it’s just one supporter, support is still support. And most times, support comes from home. But home doesn’t necessarily mean family. (Before anyone takes this the wrong way, i have a really really supportive family don’t worry lol) I was just watching this video on YouTube where this guy came out as gay to his parents and his parents pretty much just kicked him out of the house and disowned him simply because “they don’t want to let people believe they condone him being gay”. (Side note: i was and still am pretty disgusted and aghast by the parents behaviour bc I can’t believe these people even dare to do that to their flesh and blood. There was SO MUCH hatred and scorn in the way the parents talked to the dude and wow, I cannot fathom how any parent would be capable of turning their back on their own creation. You don’t have to condone him being gay but the least you could do as a parent is give him acceptance. These people suck at being parents man. ) ok so back to the point, while his family evidently didn’t support him, there are others who are on his side (i.e the LGBT community / people against child abuse etc etc)! Then you have people like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber who have gone plain insane. Regardless of whatever stupid and shameless actions they do, there will always be mindless fangirls/boys going like “awwwww miley u my hero!!” / “miley u so cool for doing that” / “Justin I love u!!!!!!!!” / “Justin looks so hot punching Orlando Bloom”. Which is so retarded if you ask me LOL use your brains people, I do not understand why you support people who have zero respect for others. Don’t just blindly support your so-called hero???? And then let’s say you are one of those dropouts and are in a gang / secret society, again while the rest of the society may turn against you, your band of brothers are there to provide you w that support. So you see my point is proven. No matter what you do, you will have support.

There is / was no point to this post. It was just merely something that I had to write about so as to give me some motivation. To remind myself that no matter what, there are people who will support me, that I will find my place in this world eventually, that I will be home soon enough.


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