St. Andrews — One Family Unbroken

I graduated from SA yesterday. And that officially marked the end of 12 years of formal education in a school with structures timetables and uniform. Farewell assembly was hands down the best assembly I’ve ever attended and I really was touched by the videos that the each department made for us. Highlight of the assembly was Mr Adi trolling us and surprising us with Gentlebones!! ☺️☺️ After farewell assembly was basically all the j2s running around to take photos with everybody.

It’s a bittersweet feeling, it really is. Remember that post I made titled “ask me again 5 months later”? Yeah well, my answer now is that both schools are special to me in their own way. I remember telling Esther that I was super happy to graduate and get out. But now that I have, it’s a strange feeling and I’m not feeling as happy as I thought. I will miss SA definitely. No regrets coming here because I’ve never felt a school become this like family. I didn’t think I’d grown this attached to SA but I have and I am sad to leave.

So thank you SA for the two years of bittersweet memories. And to the best people in SA, 13A04, I really do love you guys to bits. Thank you being such a great bunch of amazing people to be around. Thank you for showing me what it means to be a family without being blood related. Thank you for the laughter and for the love. I can’t say this enough, but you guys were the best thing that happened to me in SA. Thank you so much for that. & I guess, what i miss most about SA, would be lessons with you guys. No more eating at the caf w y’all and talking crap and gossiping and no more suanning and gl-ing. But thank you guys. For being the best.


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