Pictures to commentate the end of As today HAAHHA
End of As today at 11am. You have no idea how happy I was/am. Literally. As I’m typing this the bus now I’m trying so hard to contain my smile so I won’t look like a psycho HAHAHAHA I know this won’t mean anything in a few years time (by ‘this’ I mean the whole a levels and whatever) but let me just live the moment for now and let me relish in self-indulgence of frivolous things 😛

Wouldn’t have survived JC if not for them. Am so so thankful!
Ok so anyway because I didn’t really do a proper farewell post, I’ll just do it here!

13A04’s transformation from Feb 20143 to October 2014 HAHAHAHA zt made the biggest change I think. But I am so so freaking thankful for this class because they’ve given me some of the best memories during my time in SA. All the gl inside jokes and history tutorials and anti-rg and lepaking and gossip sessions and so much more. Words cannot express how freaking thankful I am for every single one of you because you’ve brought so SO much joy and laughter into my life and I love y’all so dang much really ♥️♥️♥️ thank you for every single day in SA 13A04 🙂

And then there’s saints chorale who’ve definitely made my life in SA so much more enriching and enjoyable and exciting, from syf 2013 to carolling to viva vox 2014! 🙂 I think without choir, I’d just have died from the mundanity and stress from JC academics so for that I’m so thankful.



Special shoutout to these three girls who’ve made my time in SA (both in and outside choir) so much more bearable ^^

And then the BFF, ct>sa 🙂 we may have led entirely different lives in SA but I am so glad that we’re here together. I really wouldn’t have made it out of JC alive if it weren’t for all your encouragements whenever I felt shit by my results and wtv. Thank you for going through the ups and the downs with me, even though our SA lives as so different, and I’m so glad we still make time for each other 😀

So yeah, that’s about it! So thankful (I know I overuse this phrase but I truly am) for the friends I’ve made in SA and though I didn’t upload all the photos here, I really am thankful. Hehehehe ok now that I’m done with the thanks and etc, time to do some reflection haahaha

I think being in JC really has made me grow stronger as a person, emotionally, and mentally. And maybe even physically hahaha but ok no who am I kidding I am still unfit. But i don’t think i’d have chosen the poly route anyway if I were given a chance to rewrite this chapter of my life. I’d still choose jc, still choose SA, still choose EHMl, still choose saints chorale. From CTs to promos to pw in j1, and bt1 to bt2 to prelims to actually fucking a lvl in j2, I’ve learnt so much and I’ve also lost so much. But I think what would really stick with me (besides the memories) is the October/September period where I basically spent 6/7 (some weeks 7/7) days in school studying till 8/9/10 with mel and sometimes KH and Brandon. Throughout this period, exhausting as fuck it was, I’ve grown to love SA so much, the environment, the people and some of my teachers.

I think, while my personal growth and development wasn’t as much as when I was in ct (that’s probs bc I’ve alrdy past the “main maturation” stage LEL), I did grow in other aspects in SA. Thank u SA for a whole great 2 years!!!! Really no ragrets coming to SA (THANK GOD I CHANGED MY FIRST CHOICE FROM NY TO SA, probs wouldn’t have liked it as much in NY), so pls #whySA #comeSA because you have the best cj experience of your life — exhausting but extremely fun. There’s a balance of both so pls come sa, really really!!! :)))) hehehe plus I heard they’re getting Japanese and Korean food next year so all the more #whySA #comeSA
Hehehe ok bye 🙂


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