(End of) October & November

Can’t believe it’s already the last month of the year what even… Also cannot believe that I have survived A levels… but ok anyway, visuals from November and also October since I didn’t do one cos of a lvls but there aren’t really pictures from oct


10/10 - Farewell Assembly

10/10 – Farewell Assembly


Best Fry's birthday

18/10 – Best Fry’s birthday

ok this is quite funny bc the three of us (yy, jo and I) went over to the bff’s place at night while she went for an early birthday dinner with her bf. So we camped in her room with the cake and balloon and whatever and waited till she came back. and then we heard her from the living room so we quickly lighted up the cake and prepared. but GUESS WHAT. the girl came into her room and “BOO!!!!” us first fml hahahahhhahahha #surprisefail she saw our shoes at the door zzzzzzzzz but ok it was nice catching up with them after for an hour or so to relieve the A lvl stress 🙂

Dinner at Kith Cafe at Park Mall with Superclik hahahahha

Dinner at Kith Cafe at Park Mall with Superclik on a random Friday before tuition

OKAY THIS PLACE IS THE SHIZZZ OK OH MY GOD THE FOOD IS LEGIT SO GOOF 10/10 especially the truffle fries DO U SEE IT!!!!! and the ravioli too?!!?! and the pizza?!!?!? this was a super impromptu dinner with alvin, xy and jj and ya wow hahahhaha but it was so nice to see alvin again after like 1.5 years…… of him being MIA…. hahahhaa ok so that’s all for October LOL all i did was actually just go to school to study and for consults from 9am-10pm 7 days a week so I had no life LOL


This month started off with A LVLS woOHOO and idk how to feel about the papers but I don’t want to think about it anymore so que sera sera! After my last paper on the 24th I went to eat good food and walked around town, camped at starbucks to chat and headed home.


26/11 – Jesalin’s birthday

Went down to SP to surprise this girl on her birthday and found Eunice at the MRT waiting for her too hahahahaha sigh I look so fat in the photo urgh ok what am i saying i AM fat…. post As get fit plan really needs to start asap sobs 😦 headed to Holland V after that to meet my friends to explore HV but there wasn’t really anything much to explore lol so we just camped at d’good caf and talked till we had to leave for the class dinner.

IMG_7902 IMG_7903IMG_7900

Mr Adi treated us to a buffet at Todai at MBS which was SUPER generous of him :’) Am so thankful that i had him as my math teacher bc i think he really is one of the best out of the rest (whoo rhymes #litpride) anyway, the food was SO! DANG! GOOD! I really want to go again but I don’t have the money ha ha ha THANK YOU MR ADI 🙂


28/11 – Sentosa 2.0 #squadgoals

Prom was on the 27 but I gave it a miss bc well, I didn’t really want to have to go through the hassle and stress of finding a suitable dress and then having to feel so out of place among OTHER people lel. All in all, I don’t like the idea of prom bc idr like the people there so haha. anyway, we had our class outing the next day but most people didn’t turn up bc a few of them are overseas and the rest were hungover from post-prom the night before LOLOL so yeah well, I had fun though and it’s probably the last time I’m going to see most of them f2f until A lvl results haha.

So yes, this has been my post As thus far and I’ve been having fun and enjoying this freedom so I’m really excited for the coming month/months! I haven’t got the time to start properly looking for myself yet though but I think I’ll get to do that soon 🙂 gonna be flying off in 2 days time (excited!! :D) and when I get back it’ll be mid-december already ermagad so fast!! but till then, this shall be it! 🙂 x


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