2014 has come and gone and I don’t really know where to start summarising this year but I’m going to try! I think if there was one word to describe this (well, now last) year it would be A levels????? I died a thousand times in the lead up to this national exam and it was really really hell – essentially the toughest year, both emotionally and mentally, out of my 18 years wtf. But that being said, I’ve also had a lot of memories created in this year that I’d like to keep forever, be it random, spontaneous ones or planned ones. I’ve also met so many new people and grown closer to my existing friends, so for that I’m really glad! Overall, I’d say this year was one hell of a roller coaster (I’m not sure if I say this every year, I think I do LOL but it’s true) and there were so many dark points in my life this year. But I guess if anything, I think I can safely say that I’ve matured a lot throughout this year and grew mentally stronger, albeit just by a little LEL. I feel like I’ve also surpassed myself in many ways (some good, some bad) but mostly in the fact that I survived more than what I expected myself to, or rather, handled things better than what I expected myself to.

I’ve kind of done monthly reviews of the major events in each month throughout this year of so I’ll just link them so whoever can read. But nevertheless, here are some of my fav pictures to sum up 2k14:


1. Counted down to 2015 at merlion park and watched fireworks with the best friend

IMG_9438 IMG_9442

2. First trip out of Asia to Europe!! 😀 best 15 days of my life honestly!!! Smiley I will probably do a full post on this just so i can reread it years / months later so I can reminise :’) (but it will probably take awhile cause I have to edit the photos etc sigh hahaha)

3 – 5 December (Wales)


5 – 9 December (London)

Typical tourist shot hahha

Typical tourist shot hahha

9 – 11 December (Prague)


11 – 15 December (Paris)


4. Visited BKK yay


November (November, October)

5. Conquered a levels!!! (Ok somewhat)

creds to MX's film cam :)

creds to MX’s film cam 🙂

Somwhere between August – November (August, September)

6. Made SA my home, literally camped from 8am-11pm.
7. Made honour roll for prelims HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (but still not good enough for As 😦 )
8. Fell down twice at the same area in school and ended up with the same wounds at the same spots on my legs and right hand lolol (first in march during choir camp and next on some friday otw out of sch to history tuition)

July (July)

9. Quit Instagram and Twitter till 24 Nov for a levels lol

June (June)

10. Discovered the British Youtubers gang and was obsessed with them for a while but tbh, I’ve grown quite bored of them and now only watch Jaspar and sometimes narcus lel


11. Handed over my SL duties hahhaha


12. Performed in my one and only concert with SA chorale


13. Attempted to crash Jenn Im’s impromptu meet & greet lel

Spot Jesalin and I lolol

Spot Jesalin and I lolol


14. Watched ABTM the musical



15. Watched Rapture and was enraptured (lel)


ft. James the emcee


16. Publicity for choir concert but really just a phototaking session with the newly printed poster hahahahha

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

17. SL Day


18. Collected PW and chinese results – yay for 100% A for pw for A04 🙂

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

19. NJ funtasia and met kat yay!


20. Had Germans visit our GP class hahah


21. Took swag photos (feat. econs mindmaps)


uno cards pe shirt lol

uno cards pe shirt lol

22. Died during NAPFA cos sit-ups. died badly, legit.


23. AC Funorama


24. Got hijack-ed by hot.fm people at marina bay floating platform duing Earth Hour and they said the photo would be up on their facebook page but they lied so here’s one of us at SAM before that


25. Became a major die-hard Chris Evans fan after watchign Captain America 2 I think hahahahahha
26. Choir camp where I fell for the first time lolz

spot my wound hahahaha

spot my wound hahahaha


27. Gathered 20 seconds of insane courage at VC’s concert


best soprano ever omg (we don’t know her personally btw hahhaha hence 20 sec of insane courage)

28. Friendship Day (aka Valentine’s day for the forever alone hahahahah)
29. Dark days
30. Watched my first Kiwi Cup (SA vs RI, SA champs yay)
31. Chinese New Year at Mel’s


January (January)

33. Random choir photo hehe


34. SA open house yay



So yup, looking back, I had a lot of fun this year actually! excluding a levels and everything, if you add up the major events and the small moments, I’d say I had a great year. Made new friends, created new memories, emerged a new person 🙂 Without everyone by my side, I honestly wouldn’t have made it through and the year wouldn’t have turned out as it did, so thank you all so so much. Here’s to the new year!!!

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