Blogging from Korea!!!

Lame title but I couldn’t think of anything else lel but it’s the truth! I’m here in Seoul with 3 other girlfriends and currently we’re on the bus back from Everland to Gangnam station!

So anyway, saints chorale had their SYF yesterday and I just listened to the recording and god, it really made me cry. I am so fucking proud of how far they’ve come, the 2014/2015 batch especially. and they sound SO IMMENSELY GOOD. Like one of those choirs I listen to on 8tracks/YouTube :’))) so proud man, really am!!!!!!! I am q sad I wasn’t in sgp to watch them but I bet it would have been an honour just to be able to sit in sota and listen to them. I wish I was one of them though, singing on the stage with them and being able to sing again, with such amazing and passionate and dedicated singers. I wish I was there to share the stage with them, to give everything for SYF and see the smile on Mr Foong’s face after the whole performance. I missing singing, I miss choir haha. I think I’m most probably going to join the nus choir hahahha can’t say no to Nelson Kwei and gang man, he is legend. So so thankful I joined ct chorale in 2009 and met mr foong which led me to where I am now. :’)

On a side note, distinction for ct chorale again fyeah hehehehe they deserved it, I heard their recording too πŸ™‚


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