wow it’s been exactly 11 months since i’ve last posted on here… well this is my scrubby attempt to relieve a year’s worth of memories in a 20 min (max) read so 🙂

I’ve started Year 2 in Uni and I would say I’m coping better this sem and it shows in my grades! Really thankful for what I got and am so happy. Could def have done much better but I am satisfied with my cap now, so here’s to maintaining it and hopefully increasing it in 2017! This year passed by in a literal blur and everything that happened in the first half of 2016 felt like it occurred last year… I think it’s been a relatively smooth sailing year with a few hiccups here and there in April (i think) but all has been great, in hall, in school, in life. Had dark days but also had even brighter ones, loved and lost, experienced a lot, matured a lot. Wouldn’t say I’ve grown as much as I liked to but I think that’s because my growth is relative – compared to last year where I really really developed so much in Y1 (bc of hall), my rate of growth in y2 has been slightly slower I guess. I believe accompanying the growth this year is also this sense of understanding and knowing – that there are certain things in life you cannot control, that sometimes you just have to work around and with what you have, that friendships, people, feelings, LIFE is transient.

Academically-wise, I loved Soci at the start of the year and I still do. I really love what I’m learning in soci and I love studying it. I still don’t really know how to write a GOOD soci essay and neither am I good at it, but I love it for it’s content and the perspectives it teaches. I feel so so enlightened to be able to learn so much, to open my eyes to a different way of seeing, so privileged to receive this sociological education. To be able to look at things with an open-mind, and look past the consumerism, past the materialism, past the globalisation to realise that there is so much more to the world than what the human eye sees. It is SUCH a blessing to be able to receive this education and be able to make sense of the workings of the world around me and I am so grateful really. ok tbvh i loved all the mods i took this year, both in Y1S2 and Y2S1…. my UEs complemented my soci mods and vice versa hahahah THANK U NUS LOL really i luvvvvv ok done with the nerd talk and verbal vomit! Time for pictures to sum up my year.

Started of 2016 in Jan working for SG motorshow 2016 with bimbz Ng, my events buddy yay

Extreme joy and pride when TH finally won IHG Champions for 15/16 in Feb

img_1907CNY 2016

img_1986Pubs photoshoot for Amplitude 2015 + show day with Vox 15/16 + second aca perf #XXY

img_2100img_2279Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetPubs photoshoot for TH Productions 15/16 + Alice in Zombieland show day in March

Emceed for DND with Aki in April + last hall event of the AY 15/16

GER presentation with GER group which surprisingly was really fun hahaha will never forget our stupid moments at Raghu’s place where we were SUPPOSED to be chionging the poster lmao got a B- for that stupid mod but no ragrets cos group mates were gr8!

img_2343Cabbed down to Esther’s place the night before her birthday in to celebrate since we couldn’t meet for a proper meal cos finals

img_2374XE’s birthday dinner in May post-finals!

img_2403img_2384Shirt and I celebrating post-finals and being stupid taking photos on the Town green using iphone light lmao and visiting our empty studying spot

 Jesalin’s grad!!!!

 OCIP with TK4S’15 in Nusa Penida – one HECK of a journey in 21 days which I will NEVER forget. I can say with so much certainty that I absolutely fucking LOVED every second of it and every one of the scrubs. So so so many fond memories made on that lovely island and in Bali. I’ve wished a thousand times over that I could stay in those moments forever

Crashed THEP in June

KY’s birthday celebration

Gentle Bones concert!!!

My birthday celebration

Arts Camp 2016 OCOMM

BKK in July

TK4S BBQ with overly-attached scrubs

Art Science Museum with le shirt

Les Miserables w Esther after I ended work and I was so shag that I slept through 88% of the musical not even kidding. I really tried to keep myself awake but I really couldn’t sobs what a waste of money

THOC 16/17 E Block – shag as hell with only 5 OGLs tanking for 50+ freshies

Random clubbing night in August. Clubbed A LOT more this year lol whoops

 Emceed for Leader’s Investiture with Perry

img_337313A04 gathering – also another bunch I love, felt so so happy that night

Second for IBG wow wow history made in E Block

Scrubs in our natural state at Nat’s 21st!!! really really love them to bits

img_3521Mx’s birthday picnic at Botanical Gardens in September

img_3558Lantern Festival celebration with E block

Night Cycling 2016 with E Block

TH Bash 2016

random 6.30am shot because I hadn’t gone to sleep. Had supper with long lost Bay and Jesalin. Also stayed up till sunrise a lot more this sem…..

FASS appreciation dinner 2016 with my marketing babes + last of my side fringe lol in October

Block Comm 16/17 at the most upz ever angel and mortal revelation! legit freaking love my door deco

Random TK4S scrubs picnic under the stars yay

MAYDAY PARADE FUCK YES it was a dream come true getting to hear them live although it became an acoustic session I wanted to burst into tears I love them so much

Productions 16/17 at EnTHral 2016! Not sure where the Vox photo is lol

 THrill Night 2016 with my scrubby twin!!! we dressed up as the twin emojis LOL supposed to be dancers but well, we improvised with our minimum effort maximum effect costume + HUGE ASS SNORLAX

No photos in November because it really was just me stuDYING for finals legit. studied the hardest this sem lel

img_4410Baliza in December before I flew off to Japan. Was a good night!

img_5084Day 2 in Japan – Pokemon Centre + Iikebukuro

img_5120img_4093Day 3 – Meij-Jinggu Shrine + Harajuku’s aesthetic and festive Christmas streets and buildings

img_5150Day 4 – Disneyland to see my bae Mickey but didn’t see him at all so sad :((((

img_5204img_5214Day 5 – Ginza + Shibuya where we crossed the road 3 times and spent like just half an hour at the crossing alone because my brother wanted to take a poser step shot

img_4317 Day 6 – Mount Fuji

img_4441E block represent at ChrisTHmas

img_3995Carolled with TH Vox throughout December – Capitol Piazza

 Orchard Hotel

OK OMFG FINALLY I AM SO TIRED. This year has been a good run, leggo 2017!!!!


Would You Rather

1. Would you rather live in a world where there are no problems or live in a world where you rule? World where there are no problems seriously cos firstly, the world is plagued with so many problems (terrorism, human rights, natural disasters etc) and it would be nice if everyone could live in peace. Secondly, I’d be such a crap ruler seriously.

2. Would you rather get a dream vacation for two weeks or spend a week with anyone in the world? Spend two weeks with anyone in the world on a dream vacation -sunglasses emoji-

3. Would you rather fly or read minds? Fly, defs fly.

4. Would you rather have more time or money? Time because time is money. Ok but honestly speaking, money.

5. Would you have piercings or tattoos? Already have my ears pierced and I think that’s all I would ever pierce… Tattoos maybe, who knows.

6. Would you rather have a rewind button in your life or a pause button in your life? Oh god given my current circumstances, pause. ALWAYS PAUSE BC I NEVER WANT TO RETURN BACK TO THE A LVL LIFE EVER AGAIN. I am not kidding oh god.

7. Would you rather only be able to whisper or only be able to shout everything? Hm uh, whisper I think HAHAHAH

8. Would you rather go without the internet or a car for a month? Car

9. Would you rather have to sit all day or stand all day? Sit LOL

10. Would you rather sing every word you speak or always speak in rhymes? Hahaahaha omg this is such a cute qn but hm I think sing every word hehe

(Creds here)

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

I watched this film today and wow, I really am just so… Awed by it, I felt like I had to voice out my thoughts. The script, the acting, the cinematography, it’s just really really impeccable. Before I continue, I would like to say that I am by no means a professional film critic or anything of that sort, I mean dude, the only form of exposure I had to such stuff was in sec 2 under my literature module of film studies.
So anyways, without being too much of a spoiler, the storyline goes something along the lines of two past lovers who meet again after two years of being apart, but are unaware that they were lovers in the past.

However, the main part of the film mainly takes place in the guy’s memory and him recounting and reminiscing the times they spent together. This film actually is sort of a deep, thought-provoking kind of film and it’s totally not a rom-com as what you’d expect. For me personally, the film explored themes such as love, human emotions, and memory. Besides the plot being really unique, the filming and the setting in particular, made the whole movie so much more impactful. When I watched it, it was just like OOF OUCH HIT ME RIGHT THERE IN THE HEART MAN no kidding.
See, in the film, they had recurring motifs such as the ocean, ice and basically a lot of cold imagery.

And it just added to the whole theme of reminisce, and contributed to showing how cold and how emotions and thoughts can be so powerful. In a way, the setting brought out the emotions in the scene really well.

His character is very introverted, shy, a man of few words, deep-thinker, somewhere along these lines. I think jim carrey really really played the part perfectly and they couldn’t have picked a better person to play that role. He brought out the emotions of Joel so perfectly, so on-point. He really threw himself into the character and the emotions were so raw, I really really loved it. Of course, Kate Winslet as free-spirited, impulsive and extroverted Clementine also did a fantastic job. The acting AND CASTING was so so suitable it’s like perfect match!!!! Both of them fit their characters so well honestly.
This movie kind of reminded me of Breakfast At Tiffany’s, where George falls in love with Holly and she tells him it’s a mistake to love a wild thing, or something like that. I paralleled Eternal Sunshine to Breakfast At Tiffany’s mainly because, in both films, the guy falls in love with a wild spirit (that’s about it though LOL). And while Joel and Clem are polar opposites, it is precisely their differences that attracts them to one another. Then we come to the part where Joel undergoes a procedure to have clem erased from his memories. He recounts and revisits all the times and memories he has (spent) with clem and he realises the reason why he fell in love with her. See, (this is the part where you’ll have to watch the movie to understand what I’m talking about AHAHHAA) the thing is, while in his recollection, he realises some traits about his present-day self that he originally didn’t have, such as impulsiveness. It’s a trait from clem that rubbed off on him. And in present day, clem and Joel fall in love again, which goes to show, human emotions still triumph against anything. You can erase all the past memories, but emotions you cannot.

You can erase someone from your mind. Getting them out of your heart is another story.

This couldn’t be any truer. And basically, I felt like the movie really delved into this theme. In both the main plot and the sub-plot, the characters all had their memories erased but ultimately, ended up falling in love again. The heart wants what the heart wants and the emotions remain. Our brain probably has some way to cover up and bury all these unwanted feelings and emotions somewhere in the back of our minds, but when we feel something that triggers this emotions, they all come rushing back to the surface. “You may forget a past memory but you can’t forget the impulses, instincts and emotions that arise from that past incident.” (Credits here) You can’t escape your emotions and that’s what scares me. It scares me that my emotions practically are capable of ruling me, heart > head, which will of course end up disastrous.
It also makes me question if just simply erasing bad memories can solve things. If you know me, you’d know that I like to live in the past a lot and go back to past memories. I like to dwell in them because it reminds of of happier times. If I were to erase these memories, what would it make of me them? Would I just simply be an empty shell? Are people just merely the sum of their memories or are they more than that?
Y’know, in some way, I also feel like I can relate to clementine.

Because I wonder that too. And I’d very much like to live my life unafraid and go out exploring and adventuring.


Ah, there’s just so many things this movie evokes in me I don’t have the words and ability to pen it down. It’s hands down my number one favourite movie (overtaking the cutting edge), simply because it makes you question life. I rly rly love it 🙂

How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot! / The world forgetting, by the world forgot / Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! / Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resign’d.

Viva Vox V

So 6 years of my choir journey ends with Viva Vox V and I have no regrets. Best decision to join choir in sec 1 in ct bc I managed to meet so so many amazing new friends and conductors and learn a new art form. Can’t express how thankful I am. // 20140518-003653.jpg Our months & months of hard work has finally paid off, with the success of the Saints Chorale’s concert — Viva Vox V. I still vividly remember how in the months of January and February, I was crying and raging down the phone to sotong about how no one ever seemed to understand our situation and everything looked so bleak and everyone was frustrated and stressed. Then in march, things got very much worse and I came so close to hating choir. In April, the pace picked up and everything became more intense. However, things seemed to get better and I was very much happier in the last week of April. 12 May came and the sops did so so so well. They really came through and I am so proud of them. The concert was really a success and as SLs, all of us couldn’t be happier. It was proof that we succeeded and it was so so heartwarming to see our respective sections grow and improve as one. To an SL, it most definitely is (one of) the most gratifying thing(s) ever. 20140518-010931.jpg 20140518-010940.jpg Somehow during the concert, I felt like every single person in the choir knew how important the concert was to us as a choir & really gave it their 200% to make sure they didn’t screw up. And for that, I am so proud of the choir. FYEAH WE DID IT BITCHEZXCX. Am so lucky to have been a part of this chorale family and here’s to you, all my lovely friends, who added a sparkle to everything. 20140518-004711.jpg To my fellow SL, thank you for putting up with my soursop side, for putting up with the tears and understanding them all ♥️ 20140518-003936.jpg To my sopranos, my favourite section ♥️ 20140518-004256.jpg To my lovely SC, P and VP, who have given so much to the choir ♥️ 20140518-004849.jpg To my choir friends, who have made it through with me ♥️ 20140518-005223.jpg To Yap, D and Josh Teo, Jesalin, and the BFF for coming. Your support (and flowers hehe) means the world 🙂 ♥️ 20140518-010816.jpg To my lovely class 13A04, for being so supportive. Love y’all to bits ♥️ (sorry Brandon, didn’t mean to cut u off :() 20140518-005415.jpg To my favourite commonwealthians, who came with flowers. I have missed the three girls on top so much 🙂 ♥️ To the “Malaysian scholar”, my bus buddy home. Thank you for putting up with my bad moods & rants, and for sharing, and for the encouragements 🙂 ♥️ Still have quite a lot more pictures in my phone but they’re mostly camwhores and individual photos and the people in them are all already up there so yep. Thank you, to every single one of you in Saints Chorale. You’ve made my choir journey so much more enjoyable 🙂



THIS. This is going to be my new favourite quote, one that I will live by. 🙂
I was on my way home today and it was around 10.20pm and I was at botanic gardens mrt waiting for my mum to fetch me. I’ve always wanted to venture into bg at night and I thought since it was gonna take quite a while for my mum to come, why not just explore the place??? And I walked in and omg the whole place looked really really fairytale-ish and I felt so serene ^_^ didn’t get to venture all the way in though 😦



The photos do not do the place justice!!! Great night + dinner with friends that made up for the shitty day. This has been a bad week. I think I’ll go on such mini exploring adventures in future! So excited yay!

When I need a break from life

1: Apart from tumblr, what do you like to do in your spare time? Read ebooks/twitter/instagram

2: Name a favorite of each: food, drink, color. Changes all the time, apple juice, currently it’s turquoise-ish

3: If you married rich and your spouse gave you $100,000 a week, what would you spend it on? Clothes & shoes & food & books & music (lol sorry materialistic bitch is me)

4: Name a favorite of each: book, movie, tv show. Paper Towns, The Cutting Edge (1992), Gossip Girl (is it a tv show lol) or The Oath

5: If you were given the opportunity to spend 48 hours with absolutely anyone (living or dead), who would you spend it with and what would you do? Drew from Emblem3 cause I feel that I really could learn a thing or two from him on how to be a better person.

6: Name a LEAST favorite of each: food, drink, color. Porridge, starfruit juice, Brown

7: What is the first initial of the name of the person you like/love? Nobody

8: What kind of underwear do you prefer wearing? Cloth??? lol

9: Name a LEAST favorite of each: book, movie, tv show. Mansfield Park, Despicable Me 2, can’t think of any disliked tv shows now

10: If you were sat on a plane beside your favorite celebrity, what would you do? Probably ask him deep questions about life 😉

11: What is the strangest thing you have in your room? (You are not allowed to explain why you own it.) A shoelace lol

12: What is a weird habit you have, or people have told you have. (Weird, not bad. No nail biting or any of that nonsense.) I talk really softly at times and people cannot hear me and things get awkward lol

13: What would you consider to be the biggest insult to yourself? “You’re so shallow!”

14: What are five things you absolutely have to have in your dream house? A garden with a patio, a spacious backyard, a pool, a piano, carpeted floor (??? Lmao)

15: If you could be reincarnated as any animal, which would you chose and why? Dog and be man’s best friend

16: Which band (current or past) would you want to go on tour* with? (*Travel with, not perform with.) Mayday Parade

17: Name a favorite of each: band, album, song. Mayday Parade, (no fav album), current favourite song is Get it Right by Glee

18: Why is your favorite band your favorite? I love the melody of their songs and how the lyrics are so so relatable

19: How many concerts have you attended? Which was your favorite? Least favorite? If none, who do you want to see live the most? 0 sad 😦 I’d love to see mayday parade or emblem3!

20: What is one of your favorite song lyrics? (Who is it by?) “What can you do when your good isn’t good enough/and all that you touch tumbles down”

21: Who do you ship? Hehehehehe Blair and chuck. Not mentioning any real life people 😉

22: What band merch do you own? If any, whose is it and when did you get it? If none, whose do you wish you owned? None sad 😦 same answer as above, either mayday parade or emblem3

23: How did you learn of the band that is currently your favorite? Current fav would be 5sos! I think I heard one of their songs on 8tracks

24: What celebrity do you look up to the most? Drew Chadwick 🙂

(End of) January

20140203-021554.jpgFinally finished the choir board yay


20140203-022033.jpgOpen House 2014!!


Probably have more photos from more events lying arounds somewhere but I’m tired and this post is actually just so I will remember significant things that happened this month so that when I do my EOY collage or wtv shit it’ll be easier AHHAAH bye

p.s./ sorry for the shitty quality of the photos I blame it on wordpress’ uploader. It’s perfectly clear on my phone ahahah

Safe for now

Received our promos results today and wow I am glad the day is over??? i don’t ever want to go through such suspense and anxiousness ever again. So anyway, if there’re no other changes, I am promoted with the class!!!!!!!!! pretty disappointed with math & lit but at least I cleared!!! Anyway, I really really really love A04. When I got back lit (which was my determining factor cos I alr cleared my 2H2s and 1H1) and found out that it was an S, I just couldn’t hold it in and I ended up crying… And my classmates were just so so sweet and they kept telling me “you still have history it’s okay!!! I am sure your history will do well!!” & “you can use Chinese as your h1! So you clear alr!!” And when I got back my history and found out I cleared (thank god), they were all telling me “see I knew u can one!” I am so so grateful for all of them, I really really don’t want any other class. so yep, thank God for my results, and a fawesome class. I pray so hard that we’d all be able to promote as a whole 13A04 :*
Brandon, Ning, Leena, Mal, Aru, Tek, SX, Ko, Mars, Isaac, Esther, keyun, MX, XE, seeyuan, Mel, Terry, Tingz, James, XR and Damon, y’all don’t know how thankful and blessed I feel to be classmates with y’all. Thank you for the whole year of precious memories and for always being such a supportive bunch of people :’) I wouldn’t have made it thru this year without y’all and i couldn’t have asked for a better class ^_^ ❤❤❤

Close shave this year, but this only serves to spur me on. Next year’s curriculum is going to be CRAZY (understatement) but I think I will make it through with A04. I hope I don’t die, but I foresee myself crumbling much more times next year than pw has ever cause me this year LOL but we’ll cross the bridge when we come to it yeah?


Haven’t been around here for long. Things have been so crazy I can’t even explain.
I just wanted to say that Thursday night was one of my favourite nights ever. Went down to MBS to film for our pw video and I was so so SO happy. I felt like I’d just walked into Disneyland and I forgot everything bad for that few hours there. I LOVE LOVE LOVE MBS at night. It’s gorgeous. I don’t have the words to express it. You’ve to see and experience it yourself. It’s magical. Of course, the company was a bonus that night. 🙂