wow it’s been exactly 11 months since i’ve last posted on here… well this is my scrubby attempt to relieve a year’s worth of memories in a 20 min (max) read so 🙂

I’ve started Year 2 in Uni and I would say I’m coping better this sem and it shows in my grades! Really thankful for what I got and am so happy. Could def have done much better but I am satisfied with my cap now, so here’s to maintaining it and hopefully increasing it in 2017! This year passed by in a literal blur and everything that happened in the first half of 2016 felt like it occurred last year… I think it’s been a relatively smooth sailing year with a few hiccups here and there in April (i think) but all has been great, in hall, in school, in life. Had dark days but also had even brighter ones, loved and lost, experienced a lot, matured a lot. Wouldn’t say I’ve grown as much as I liked to but I think that’s because my growth is relative – compared to last year where I really really developed so much in Y1 (bc of hall), my rate of growth in y2 has been slightly slower I guess. I believe accompanying the growth this year is also this sense of understanding and knowing – that there are certain things in life you cannot control, that sometimes you just have to work around and with what you have, that friendships, people, feelings, LIFE is transient.

Academically-wise, I loved Soci at the start of the year and I still do. I really love what I’m learning in soci and I love studying it. I still don’t really know how to write a GOOD soci essay and neither am I good at it, but I love it for it’s content and the perspectives it teaches. I feel so so enlightened to be able to learn so much, to open my eyes to a different way of seeing, so privileged to receive this sociological education. To be able to look at things with an open-mind, and look past the consumerism, past the materialism, past the globalisation to realise that there is so much more to the world than what the human eye sees. It is SUCH a blessing to be able to receive this education and be able to make sense of the workings of the world around me and I am so grateful really. ok tbvh i loved all the mods i took this year, both in Y1S2 and Y2S1…. my UEs complemented my soci mods and vice versa hahahah THANK U NUS LOL really i luvvvvv ok done with the nerd talk and verbal vomit! Time for pictures to sum up my year.

Started of 2016 in Jan working for SG motorshow 2016 with bimbz Ng, my events buddy yay

Extreme joy and pride when TH finally won IHG Champions for 15/16 in Feb

img_1907CNY 2016

img_1986Pubs photoshoot for Amplitude 2015 + show day with Vox 15/16 + second aca perf #XXY

img_2100img_2279Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetPubs photoshoot for TH Productions 15/16 + Alice in Zombieland show day in March

Emceed for DND with Aki in April + last hall event of the AY 15/16

GER presentation with GER group which surprisingly was really fun hahaha will never forget our stupid moments at Raghu’s place where we were SUPPOSED to be chionging the poster lmao got a B- for that stupid mod but no ragrets cos group mates were gr8!

img_2343Cabbed down to Esther’s place the night before her birthday in to celebrate since we couldn’t meet for a proper meal cos finals

img_2374XE’s birthday dinner in May post-finals!

img_2403img_2384Shirt and I celebrating post-finals and being stupid taking photos on the Town green using iphone light lmao and visiting our empty studying spot

 Jesalin’s grad!!!!

 OCIP with TK4S’15 in Nusa Penida – one HECK of a journey in 21 days which I will NEVER forget. I can say with so much certainty that I absolutely fucking LOVED every second of it and every one of the scrubs. So so so many fond memories made on that lovely island and in Bali. I’ve wished a thousand times over that I could stay in those moments forever

Crashed THEP in June

KY’s birthday celebration

Gentle Bones concert!!!

My birthday celebration

Arts Camp 2016 OCOMM

BKK in July

TK4S BBQ with overly-attached scrubs

Art Science Museum with le shirt

Les Miserables w Esther after I ended work and I was so shag that I slept through 88% of the musical not even kidding. I really tried to keep myself awake but I really couldn’t sobs what a waste of money

THOC 16/17 E Block – shag as hell with only 5 OGLs tanking for 50+ freshies

Random clubbing night in August. Clubbed A LOT more this year lol whoops

 Emceed for Leader’s Investiture with Perry

img_337313A04 gathering – also another bunch I love, felt so so happy that night

Second for IBG wow wow history made in E Block

Scrubs in our natural state at Nat’s 21st!!! really really love them to bits

img_3521Mx’s birthday picnic at Botanical Gardens in September

img_3558Lantern Festival celebration with E block

Night Cycling 2016 with E Block

TH Bash 2016

random 6.30am shot because I hadn’t gone to sleep. Had supper with long lost Bay and Jesalin. Also stayed up till sunrise a lot more this sem…..

FASS appreciation dinner 2016 with my marketing babes + last of my side fringe lol in October

Block Comm 16/17 at the most upz ever angel and mortal revelation! legit freaking love my door deco

Random TK4S scrubs picnic under the stars yay

MAYDAY PARADE FUCK YES it was a dream come true getting to hear them live although it became an acoustic session I wanted to burst into tears I love them so much

Productions 16/17 at EnTHral 2016! Not sure where the Vox photo is lol

 THrill Night 2016 with my scrubby twin!!! we dressed up as the twin emojis LOL supposed to be dancers but well, we improvised with our minimum effort maximum effect costume + HUGE ASS SNORLAX

No photos in November because it really was just me stuDYING for finals legit. studied the hardest this sem lel

img_4410Baliza in December before I flew off to Japan. Was a good night!

img_5084Day 2 in Japan – Pokemon Centre + Iikebukuro

img_5120img_4093Day 3 – Meij-Jinggu Shrine + Harajuku’s aesthetic and festive Christmas streets and buildings

img_5150Day 4 – Disneyland to see my bae Mickey but didn’t see him at all so sad :((((

img_5204img_5214Day 5 – Ginza + Shibuya where we crossed the road 3 times and spent like just half an hour at the crossing alone because my brother wanted to take a poser step shot

img_4317 Day 6 – Mount Fuji

img_4441E block represent at ChrisTHmas

img_3995Carolled with TH Vox throughout December – Capitol Piazza

 Orchard Hotel

OK OMFG FINALLY I AM SO TIRED. This year has been a good run, leggo 2017!!!!



2014 has come and gone and I don’t really know where to start summarising this year but I’m going to try! I think if there was one word to describe this (well, now last) year it would be A levels????? I died a thousand times in the lead up to this national exam and it was really really hell – essentially the toughest year, both emotionally and mentally, out of my 18 years wtf. But that being said, I’ve also had a lot of memories created in this year that I’d like to keep forever, be it random, spontaneous ones or planned ones. I’ve also met so many new people and grown closer to my existing friends, so for that I’m really glad! Overall, I’d say this year was one hell of a roller coaster (I’m not sure if I say this every year, I think I do LOL but it’s true) and there were so many dark points in my life this year. But I guess if anything, I think I can safely say that I’ve matured a lot throughout this year and grew mentally stronger, albeit just by a little LEL. I feel like I’ve also surpassed myself in many ways (some good, some bad) but mostly in the fact that I survived more than what I expected myself to, or rather, handled things better than what I expected myself to.

I’ve kind of done monthly reviews of the major events in each month throughout this year of so I’ll just link them so whoever can read. But nevertheless, here are some of my fav pictures to sum up 2k14:


1. Counted down to 2015 at merlion park and watched fireworks with the best friend

IMG_9438 IMG_9442

2. First trip out of Asia to Europe!! 😀 best 15 days of my life honestly!!! Smiley I will probably do a full post on this just so i can reread it years / months later so I can reminise :’) (but it will probably take awhile cause I have to edit the photos etc sigh hahaha)

3 – 5 December (Wales)


5 – 9 December (London)

Typical tourist shot hahha

Typical tourist shot hahha

9 – 11 December (Prague)


11 – 15 December (Paris)


4. Visited BKK yay


November (November, October)

5. Conquered a levels!!! (Ok somewhat)

creds to MX's film cam :)

creds to MX’s film cam 🙂

Somwhere between August – November (August, September)

6. Made SA my home, literally camped from 8am-11pm.
7. Made honour roll for prelims HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (but still not good enough for As 😦 )
8. Fell down twice at the same area in school and ended up with the same wounds at the same spots on my legs and right hand lolol (first in march during choir camp and next on some friday otw out of sch to history tuition)

July (July)

9. Quit Instagram and Twitter till 24 Nov for a levels lol

June (June)

10. Discovered the British Youtubers gang and was obsessed with them for a while but tbh, I’ve grown quite bored of them and now only watch Jaspar and sometimes narcus lel


11. Handed over my SL duties hahhaha


12. Performed in my one and only concert with SA chorale


13. Attempted to crash Jenn Im’s impromptu meet & greet lel

Spot Jesalin and I lolol

Spot Jesalin and I lolol


14. Watched ABTM the musical



15. Watched Rapture and was enraptured (lel)


ft. James the emcee


16. Publicity for choir concert but really just a phototaking session with the newly printed poster hahahahha

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

17. SL Day


18. Collected PW and chinese results – yay for 100% A for pw for A04 🙂

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

19. NJ funtasia and met kat yay!


20. Had Germans visit our GP class hahah


21. Took swag photos (feat. econs mindmaps)


uno cards pe shirt lol

uno cards pe shirt lol

22. Died during NAPFA cos sit-ups. died badly, legit.


23. AC Funorama


24. Got hijack-ed by hot.fm people at marina bay floating platform duing Earth Hour and they said the photo would be up on their facebook page but they lied so here’s one of us at SAM before that


25. Became a major die-hard Chris Evans fan after watchign Captain America 2 I think hahahahahha
26. Choir camp where I fell for the first time lolz

spot my wound hahahaha

spot my wound hahahaha


27. Gathered 20 seconds of insane courage at VC’s concert


best soprano ever omg (we don’t know her personally btw hahhaha hence 20 sec of insane courage)

28. Friendship Day (aka Valentine’s day for the forever alone hahahahah)
29. Dark days
30. Watched my first Kiwi Cup (SA vs RI, SA champs yay)
31. Chinese New Year at Mel’s


January (January)

33. Random choir photo hehe


34. SA open house yay



So yup, looking back, I had a lot of fun this year actually! excluding a levels and everything, if you add up the major events and the small moments, I’d say I had a great year. Made new friends, created new memories, emerged a new person 🙂 Without everyone by my side, I honestly wouldn’t have made it through and the year wouldn’t have turned out as it did, so thank you all so so much. Here’s to the new year!!!

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A year worth of mmrs

So there’s about 4-5 weeks left of 2013 and I must say, I’m pretty much darn freaked out by how time has passed so quickly this year. I don’t know if I’m going to post this eventually, but I am writing it bc I need a platform to reflect. This whole year has been insane – too much emotions, a lot of self-realisation and discovery, new friendships, stronger friendships, new experiences and so much more. It overwhelms me some times. So many things I would like to say but I don’t have the words to express them and also some times, words alone are not enough. (I wish I could write better. I really do.) So anyway, I’m just going to post a picture of my favourite/most significant memory/memories from each month this year and from these 12 (or more) pictures, you’ll probably be able to see what has shaped me into me and who are those who mean the most to me 🙂
Facilitating the sec 2 ASPIRE camp with the other alumnus


Defo orientation period where I met my first friends in SA! 🙂



Choir camp + bitchin time meet up! 😀



First and only SYF with Saints Chorale! 🙂


Meet up with bimbo Ng + Vesak day spent with the gang and 2A1 gathering!! 😀




Impromptu MBS + my birthday surprise by the girls + K’s send off! (There’s actually Muse 2013 and NYSM with bimbz Ng too but I since they’re smaller scale compared to the other so yep! Hehe)




Getting back CT results and crying like crap and feeling so depressed. Yep that was July for me. But there was class photo-taking if I remember correctly.


Speech Day ♥ + choir farewell



Next To Normal with Fel! 🙂 (met Nathan Hartono and Adrian Pang HAHAHAHAHAHAHA) Oh and promos LOL


PW intensive month. That Thursday night (24 Oct) with le PW group (mal, leena and sy), Brandon, and ky. No picture but it is one of my top 10 nights. Laughed so hard and I was genuinely happy. It was magical (cheesy but true).
But okay, since it’s PW month, this is my PW group with our WR finally ready for submission! And shout out to y’all step criminal pw groupies! Our OP prep was the best part of this whole journey for me 🙂
Oh I also sat for my CHINESE paper



Sentosa with A04 the day before our promo result + CT Carnival




My fav memory for this last month of the year would probably caroling with saints chorale & the Bangkok trip. Malacca trip was pretty eventful too but not my fav.

photo 15

photo 18

So there it is! 2013 summarised. All in all, it’s been a pretty good. Have never regretted choosing to come to SA, may (or may not) have regretted my subject combi several times, have never regretted joining SA choir – made so many good friends there :’), grew closer to my ct friends even tho we were all in different schools (in fact, that could have been what brought us closer.), grew as a person and so much more. Academically wise this year hasn’t been very good but thank God I made it albeit barely.
A lot of memories made this year, some I’d like to keep and treasure, some I’d rather not remember. So here’s to 2013 – a milestone in my life.


Its the last day of 2012 and the year is coming to an end. This year has definitely been amazing, with everything that has happened, the good and the bad, the ups and downs. I would list the events that have made my year but I can’t remember all of them (sadly). So I will, at least, list those that I can remember but it doesn’t mean that those unlisted are any less significant than the rest. 🙂
1. I dropped physics. Sorry I had to mention this bc it’s prolly the best decision ever (I can’t stress this enough).
2. ASPIRE camp 2012! Got closer to 4C1 and the clique


3. Wicked!!!!!! I loved it 😀

(P.S/ I am too lazy to look for photos to upload anymore lol sorry so the rest of this list will not have photos)
4. Speech day
5. Mad prep for Os
6. Post Os
7. Taiwan
Ad Icr anymore. I am so thankful for everything this year and I dare say that I have matured :p grown closer to my girls, the fam, and other friends. I am honestly not ready for 2013 but scratch that for now.
So here’s to new beginnings and have a great great great year ahead y’all!! X

P.S/ 2013 will start off great if my O lvl results do not disappoint :p